Miniature Zebu Cattle can best be described as exotic.  All Zebu Cattle originated in India.  Miniature Zebu Cattle are one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world, dating back to 6000 B.C.!  To be classified as a Miniature Zebu, their height can not exceed 42", but most breeders strive to produce cattle in the 34" to 38" range.  Mature Miniature Zebu cows will weigh 250 to
400 pounds with Miniature Zebu bulls ranging from 300-600 pounds.  Miniature Zebu colors will range from black, red,       spotted or steel gray to almost pure white .In Miniature Zebu bulls, the neck, shoulders and hump may be nearly black,        gray is the most common color.  Miniature Zebu Cattle differ from small or dwarf cattle in that they are a natural breed.  Miniature Zebu  Cattle are tinier and are not just the results of a breeding gone bad.  Miniature Zebu Cattle are much easier on your land, fencing and equipment.                                                                                                     
Miniature Zebu Calves
Oak Hollow Cash
Bull   DOB 08/21/2008

Oak Hollow Storm
Bull   DOB 07/25/2008

Oak Hollow Elle Mae
Heifer   DOB 05/27/2008

Phillip & Gail White, 2009 Oak Beach Boulavard, Sebring, FL 33875
Phil: 1-863-381-4163 cell, Gail: 1-863-414-7233 cell
Oak Hollow Ranch
Oak Hollow Ranch
Oak Hollow Ranch
Sweet Pea
Mr. '' Bo''dacious.
Two very sweet Calves
New born.
Oak Hollow Cricket
Heifer  DOB 07/O1/2008